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Why You Need Glass Stairs in Your Business

Lexus Car Dealership with Glass Flooring and Glass Stair Treads in Westminster California

Is a Glass Staircase the Right Choice for Your Company?

Car dealerships. Restaurants. Retail spaces. Hospitality. Whatever your industry, adding glass stairs to your business can offer benefits to your patron experience, your brand impression, and your bottom line.

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Are Glass Floors Safe?

glass floors

Are Glass Floors Safe? 5 Myths about Glass Flooring Debunked

Glass is a beautiful, innovative, modern flooring material in both residential and commercial buildings. However, as you’re looking down into the house from a clear glass floor or to the street below from a deck with incorporated glass panels, it’s essential to know one thing: Is glass flooring safe? Here are the biggest considerations when assessing glass floor safety, as well as common myths (and the facts) about glass floors.

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Why You Need Glass Stairs in Your Home

Sonic Corporate Headquarters Frosted Glass Treads for Glass Stairs

What Sets Glass Stairs and Glass Treads Apart?

Looking to elevate your home remodel? Want to incorporate something truly unique into your new custom build? Glass stairs could be the perfect design feature for you.

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Only Trust Experts with Your Historical Glass Flooring Project

701 Whaley Renovation Glass Flooring over Pool Historical Finished

The Historical Glass Installation Experts

When it’s time to renovate your historical glass flooring, why is it critical to enlist the help of an expert glass manufacturer? From safety to historical integrity, here are the key reasons to only entrust your project to an experienced, proven glass expert.

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With Architectural Glass Products, Details Matter

Jockimo FacetGlass Architectural Glass Products

How to Ensure Your Glass Manufacturer Takes Care of the Details

Architectural glass products are an investment. The last thing you want when you commission glass stair treads or an antique glass mirror is to receive something made with sloppy, imprecise manufacturing techniques. To ensure you get even, uniform, precise detailing through your glass product, work with a glass manufacturer who pays attention to every last detail. Here’s how.

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Make Sure You’re Getting True Dichroic Glass

DichroGlass Dichroic Glass from Jockimo with Bust Statue Blue Hue

Not All Dichroic Glass Is Created Equal…Know What You’re Getting

Are you looking for the striking beauty and originality of dichroic glass? Then it’s important to realize not all versions of this product are the same. Variations in manufacturing techniques can mean differences in appearance, durability, customization options, and overall quality. As you’re deciding which glass manufacturer to choose, make sure you know the key differences between laminated dichroic glass and true dichroic glass.

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Everything You Need to Know about Anti-Slip Glass Flooring Testing

GlassSculpt Antislip Glass for Glass Flooring from Jockimo

Ask about Anti-Slip Glass Floor Testing before Choosing a Manufacturer

You’ve done your research. You’ve looked at price points. You know what glass manufacturer you want to handle your glass flooring project. Before you sign on the dotted line, though, make sure to ask them about their anti-slip glass flooring testing policies. To ensure you’re getting the safest flooring possible, here’s what to consider.

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6 Questions for Glass Manufacturers about Anti-Slip Glass Flooring

Jockimo Glass Flooring with Anti Slip Treatment

Ask These Slip-Resistant Glass Flooring Questions Before Buying

The right anti-slip glass flooring treatment offers a laundry list of benefits. Great safety. Aesthetically pleasing high-gloss appearance. Extreme durability. The wrong treatment can range from unsightly to unsafe. To ensure you’re getting the best slip-resistant treatment possible, run these six questions by your glass manufacturer before signing on the dotted line.

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Why Cheap Glass Flooring Isn’t the Best Glass Flooring

9 11 Museum World Trade Center Screening Room Glass Flooring

When Glass Floors Go Wrong (with Pictures!)

When you get an estimate for your glass floor project, it’s easy to jump at the lowest bid. Here are some compelling reasons—and photographs—to show why this isn’t always a good idea.

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Ultimate Guide to Glass Flooring

Jockimo Glass Flooring in a Residential House

Everything You Need to Know about Glass Floors

You know glass floors are bold, visually interesting, modern, and timeless. But you still have questions about them. Whether you’re looking to install in a private residence or a commercial space, here’s the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about glass flooring.

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Ultimate Guide to Walkable Skylights

Walkable Skylight from Jockimo Looking Out onto Blue Water and Hills

Everything You Need to Know about Walkable Skylights

Thinking about adding a walkable skylight to your home or business? Not even sure what walkable skylights are? Whether you’re ready to purchase or you’re just learning about these unique architectural glass products, here’s the ultimate guide to walk you through everything you need to know.

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5 Questions to Ask to Ensure Your Glass Flooring Is Safe

architect wearing a red hard hat poring over his designs

This Is a Must-Have Discussion with Your Glass Flooring Manufacturer

Glass flooring is stunning, but not all glass manufacturers are created equal. When it’s designed, manufactured, and installed correctly, glass flooring is as safe as any other flooring product, but how can you ensure that safety? Here are five safety-related questions to ask your glass manufacturer before you agree to work with them.

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How to Ship Architectural Glass Products…the Right Way

Jockimo Shipping Container for Architectural Glass Products

Is Your Glass Manufacturer Taking Every Shipping Precaution?

You’ve invested time, energy, and money into the design and creation of the perfect architectural glass product. Maybe that’s a custom glass countertop. Perhaps it’s the glass floor you’ve always dreamed about. It could even be stunning dichroic glass for a public art installation. Whatever the project, the last thing you want is to discover it’s been damaged or destroyed during shipping. Here are the important questions to ask your glass manufacturer about their shipping policies.

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FAQs of Working with Jockimo Architectural Glass Products

Jockimo Architectural Glass Products Logo

Is Jockimo the Right Glass Manufacturer for You?

You’ve done ome preliminary research. You’ve seen samples and portfolios. You’ve narrowed your list of potential glass manufacturers down to a handful. Jockimo Architectural Glass Products is on that list. Now you need to determine if we’re the best fit for you and your glass project. Here are ten frequently asked questions about working with us to help you make that decision.

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A Quick Guide to the Use of Cast Glass in Architecture

Providing functional benefits and aesthetic value, the use of cast glass in architecture continues to gain popularity. A material that was once reserved for only the most creative and awe-inspiring structures has been embraced by the designers of commercial developments and municipal buildings.

Exceedingly versatile in its applications, cast glass offers designers and architects an incalculable number of ways to realize a project’s vision and achieve its strategic goals. By understanding what makes cast glass a viable building material and its wide-reaching benefits, designers can make lasting architectural statements.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing Glass Flooring

questions about glass flooring

Quick Checklist to Decide If Glass Flooring Is Right for Your Space

You love the look of glass flooring, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for your space. From design considerations to budget to logistics, here’s a quick five-question checklist to see if glass flooring is a perfect fit…or a pass.

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Is Glass Flooring Heavy?

Bass Pro Shops HQ Glass Flooring and Glass Stairs in Front of Boat from Entry

Everything You Need to Know about Glass Flooring and Weight

Glass flooring is not the most common type of flooring. This leaves many homeowners and architects with questions about it. Is it safe? Is it slippery? Does it scratch? (Interested in these answers? Check out our breakdown of glass flooring FAQs.) One of the most common questions relates to the weight of glass flooring. So, is glass flooring heavy? Yes…but there’s a lot more to the answer than that.

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Are Glass Floors Slippery?

GlassEtch Antislip Glass for Glass Flooring from Jockimo

What You Need to Know about Glass Flooring and Slip Resistance

Glass floors are stunning, functional, and taking the commercial and residential design world by storm. Many, however, still have some basic concerns and questions about them. First and foremost? Are glass floors slippery? Here’s what you need to know.

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What Kind of Glass Is Used in Glass Flooring?

Glass Flooring from Jockimo in a Residential Home

Designing for the Safety and Appearance of Your Glass Flooring

Glass is a highly customizable material, but when it comes to the kind of glass used in glass flooring, safety and international building codes make the choice for you. Discover what type of glass is used in all properly designed glass flooring, why it’s the glass of choice, and what design aspects you can control.

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Uses of Colored Mirrors

colored mirrors

Colored Mirrors: What Are They and How Can They Be Used in Architecture

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but what about colors? Colored mirror glass is a unique type of mirror used in various architectural designs, from aesthetic to functional. Let's take a closer look at what they are and how they can benefit your space.

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What You Need to Know About Antique Mirrors

beautiful antique mirrors

Everything You Have to Know About Antique Mirrors

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years, although the earliest mirrors were little more than reflective surfaces made of polished rocks or volcanic glass. The discovery of glass in the first century BCE allowed ancient Egyptians to make glass mirrors backed with silver, while the ancient Romans backed their glass with hot metal; even so, most mirrors were made with polished metal.

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Does Glass Flooring Scratch?

glass floor

How to Use Your Glass Floors…Without Stressing About Scratches

Whether you’re adding an interior or exterior glass floor, people always wonder the same thing. Do glass floors scratch? Will I be able to enjoy my glass floors normally, or will I need to kick off my shoes every time I want to walk across them? If you’re thinking about adding glass floors but are concerned about scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections, here’s what you need to know.

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Top Considerations for Outdoor Glass Flooring

Jockimo Outdoor Glass Flooring See Through Deck Overlooking Water and Trees

Don’t Forget These 7 Things When Designing Outdoor Glass Flooring

Designing outdoor glass flooring involves a lot of the same safety, aesthetic, and functional considerations as indoor glass floors. There are, however, specific considerations to keep in mind. Here are seven things to think through and to discuss with your glass manufacturer when designing a new exterior glass floor.

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Is Glass Flooring Customizable?

California Residence Exterior Glass Flooring Panels from Jockimo

Learn What’s Possible with Customizable Glass Flooring

More natural lights. Durable flooring surface. Modern aesthetics. Glass flooring offers a host of benefits to commercial spaces or private residences. One of the biggest advantages, though, is the ability to create a truly customized floor. Here are five ways to achieve customizable glass flooring for a product that matches your dream floor.

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Top Safety Considerations When Choosing Glass Flooring

San Manuel Casino Glass Flooring from Jockimo

5 Questions to Help You Choose the Safest Glass Flooring

Glass floors are undeniably stunning and dramatic. When choosing to install them, however, the safety considerations of glass flooring must be your top priority. Yes, it’s completely possible to have beautiful glass floors that are also safe. However, it’s your primary responsibility, above all else, to make sure those floors are safe. Here are five ways to do just that.

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How to Make Glass Flooring Private

Oklahoma City Federal Building with Cast Glass Privacy Glass Flooring

Simple Solutions to Glass Flooring Privacy Concerns

You love the bold, timeless, sophisticated look of glass flooring. There’s just one problem. Privacy. Luckily, whether you’re adding glass flooring to a private residence of a commercial space, you have several options for how to make glass flooring private.

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Why the Lowest Bid for Your Glass Flooring Isn’t Always the Best Bid

A Man and a Woman Comparing Glass Flooring Estimates

Read This Before Jumping at the Lowest Bid for Your Glass Flooring

When you’re getting bids for your new glass flooring project, you probably have a plan. Shop around. Get a bid from at least three glass manufacturers. Choose the lowest one. If this is your strategy, here are five big reasons to rethink it.

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What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Architectural Glass

Kincade 4391

Architectural glass is a staple in modern construction and design. From office buildings and homes to restaurants and stores, glass is used in a variety of ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space. If you’re planning a construction or renovation project, it’s important to know about the different types of architectural glass available so that you can choose the best type for your needs. Architectural glass, when done properly, is an amazing feature of any building, so it's important to be informed about all of your choices. Below is our guide to the different types and best uses of architectural glass.

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What Is Cast Glass?

what is cast glass

Glass is an incredibly versatile product that can be cut, shaped, and manipulated in many ways to create any number of design elements. One of these techniques is known as glass casting. There are many different ways to accomplish glass casting including sand, kiln, and graphite casting. Jockimo is here to teach you more about glass casting and how to choose the right company to help you create your next cast glass creation.

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Top Glass Flooring Benefits

glass flooring

18 Glass Flooring Benefits to Make You Forget Wood, Laminate, or Tile

Are you designing or renovating a commercial space or private residence? Want to instantly add a bit of drama, elegance, sophistication, and style? Then consider the numerous glass flooring benefits and whether this hot design trend would be right for your space.

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Why Businesses Should Use Interior Glass Floors in Their Design

5 Reasons Interior Glass Floors Are Right for Commercial Spaces

Bass Pro Shops HQ Glass Flooring and Glass Stairs in Front of Boat from Entry

The design of commercial space is about more than just making it look nice; it has a dollars-and-cents effect on that business’s success. It differentiates it from competitors. It gets patrons excited. It encourages people to open their wallets and spend. If you design commercial spaces, consider all these unique reasons to make use of interior glass floors.

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Glass Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Everyone’s Top Glass Flooring FAQs

Question Marks against a Brown Background

If you’re thinking about adding glass flooring and treads to a commercial or residential space, you probably have questions. Thankfully, we’ve got answers! Here are insights into 15 of the most common glass flooring FAQs.

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Top Dichroic Glass Advantages

Why Should Businesses Use Dichroic Glass?

Kate Weiser Chocolate Jockimo DichroGlass Dichroic Glass Door and Storefront

The success of a business comes down to many factors. Location. Industry. Competition. Product. One often-overlooked factor, however, is the design of the physical space. Using something like dichroic glass in that process can captivate your patrons and turn them into loyal customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, hotel, or retail space, here are three key dichroic glass advantages and why it’s worth designing with this unique glass.

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Dichroic Glass Installations from Jockimo Glass Company

10 Can’t-Miss Jockimo Dichroic Glass Installations

Holiday Inn Jockimo DichroGlass Dichroic Glass Wall Panels

Constantly shifting, shimmering, and changing. Dichroic glass is a mesmerizing product that changes color based on your viewing angle and lighting conditions. The dynamic nature of the glass makes it simultaneously interactive, deceiving, hypnotic, and challenging. To see more of this captivating product, check out these ten dichroic glass installations from Jockimo glass company.

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All about DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company

Don’t Know DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company? Let’s Change That!

osman dichroglass jockimo close3 4135 2000 2000 100

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

Whether used in a private residence, an art installation, or a commercial space, there’s no denying it. Dichroic glass is stunning. If you can’t get enough of this color-shifting glass, learn all about DichroGlass from custom glass manufacturer Jockimo. Discover what it is, what technical specifications are possible, and what sets it apart from other dichroic glass on the market.

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What Is Dichroic Glass Used For?

Popular Dichroic Glass Uses: From Function to Artistry to Both

Osman Jockimo DichroGlass Sculpture in Dichroic Glass

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

If you’ve seen dichroic glass, you know it’s some of the most visually interesting, engaging, and interactive glass available. What you might not know is all the various applications of this unique product. What is dichroic glass used for? Here are the top three most common use cases.

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Uses of Architectural Glass

The Ultimate Guide to the Uses of Architectural Glass

jockimo architectural glass

Glass is one of the most beautiful, brilliant, and eye-catching architectural materials. From traditional architectural mirror glass to glass flooring, there are many uses of glass in modern architecture. The use of glass in architecture provides an opportunity for natural and controlled lighting, depending on the design and placement of the glass itself. Understanding the uses of architectural glass in history and in modern design can help when constructing or remodeling a building of your own.

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What Is Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic Glass: Possibly the Most Stunning Architectural Glass Around

dichroic glass Sculpture

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

From art installations to custom glass countertops, many projects incorporating dichroic glass can be seen in either the commercial or residential sphere. Whatever the setting, it is always stunning, interactive, and perpetually changing. But what is it? How did it start; how do you make it; and what do architects, designers, and artists need to know about it?

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Top Benefits of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Why Designers & Architects Rave about TRUE Colors Colored Glass

ThickGlass 2 Inch Jockimo Blue TRUE Colors Colored Glass Countertop

Architectural glass products provide sophistication, timeless beauty, and modernity to any space. Add in the element of colored glass, and you open up even more advantages. Discover the top benefits of TRUE Colors colored glass from Jockimo and what makes this product so unique in the industry.

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Overview of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Discover This Revolutionary New Advancement in Colored Glass

TRUE colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

When it comes to the architectural glass industry, colored glass has historically been a difficult product. Color choices were narrow. Customization was limited. The aesthetics of the glass itself were not ideal. To combat these issues, Jockimo, a custom glass manufacturer specializing in architectural glass products, created TRUE Colors glass. Discover what this product is, what sets it apart from other colored glass, and why architects and interior designers are such big fans.

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Why Architectural Glass Products Belong in Business Bathrooms

How Bathrooms with Architectural Glass Products Make Businesses Money

glass top vanity unit

Bathrooms are an often-overlooked but crucial part of the retail experience. Even more than many businesses—or the interior designers who style them—realize, an unpleasing, dirty, or uninspired bathroom has a negative effect on customer experience. On the other hand, a stunning, modern, immaculate bathroom can inspire sales and customer loyalty. Here are the top reasons architectural glass products in the bathroom, such as glass countertops and framed antique mirrors, can be more than worth the investment.

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Businesses That Would Benefit from Antique Ceiling Mirrors

poolside at an upscale hotel

Interior design in a commercial space is about more than just making the room look nice. It’s about creating a favorable impression that draws patrons in, keeps them coming back, and encourages them to tell everyone they know to do the same. It’s about making strategic design choices that improve the experience of everyone in that space. For hotels, restaurants, and office spaces, that impactful design choice could be antique ceiling mirrors.

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Why Ceiling Mirrors Are More Important Than Ever to Restaurants

How Mirrored Ceilings Play Perfectly into 2023 Restaurant Design Trends

chef working in a kitchen glass countertops

From where we work to how we gather with friends and family, the pandemic has affected, changed, and disrupted so many aspects of our lives. It has even started to affect the way we design our commercial spaces. In this post-pandemic landscape, here’s why ceiling mirrors are the perfect complement to modern restaurant design.

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An Overview of Ceiling Mirrors in Office Interior Design

How to Create Impact with Ceiling Mirrors in Office Interior Design

ceiling mirrors lobby

When it comes to designing the interior of commercial office space, one trend, in particular, is making waves: ceiling mirrors. Tasked with creating or reinvigorating the interior of an office building? Here’s why this ceiling trend goes hand in hand with corporate spaces. If you’ve heard about this technique and are curious about how it works in office interior design, here’s everything you need to know.

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15 Benefits of Using Ceiling Mirrors in Homes & Businesses

Using Mirrors in Interior Design to Make the Space Feel Bigger

Rethinking the interior design of your home? Renovating the inside of a commercial building? Adding ceiling mirrors could be the best design move you make. Here’s a breakdown of all the top benefits of ceiling mirrors…and why this trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

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Are Ceiling Mirrors Your Secret Weapon to Stellar Restaurant Design?

waiter carrying dishes in a restaurant using beautiful restaurant design

5 Advantages of Mirrored Ceilings in Restaurant Design

Restaurant design is all about creating the right dining atmosphere. Every design choice is a deliberate decision meant to make diners feel something: more welcome, more at home, or more decadent. If you’re looking to make a big statement in your next restaurant design project, here are five reasons to incorporate ceiling mirrors into your plans:

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2022 Ceiling Trends Include…Custom Ceiling Mirrors

ceiling mirrors

Why This Throwback Ceiling Trend Is Right for Modern Businesses

Do mirrored ceilings conjure images (and flashbacks) of the 1970s for you? Then it’s time to reimagine what’s possible with custom ceiling mirrors. Today’s reflective ceiling trend is sleek, functional, and glamorous, and lots of businesses are capitalizing. Here are the top reasons any commercial business should consider incorporating ceiling mirrors into their interior design.

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9 Benefits of Using Ceiling Mirrors as an Interior Designer

ceiling mirrors

Using Ceiling Mirrors as an Interior Designer

Interior design trends come and go, but with all the associated benefits of ceiling mirrors, this recent resurgence in ceiling-mounted mirrors doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. As an interior designer, here are nine major reasons to consider mirrored ceilings for your next residential or commercial revamp.

Ceiling Mirrors and Interior Design: Practical, Financial, and Aesthetic Reasons to Go Bold with Your Mirrors

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6 Ways That Ceiling Mirrors Can Elevate Your Hotel Lobby Design

hotel ceiling mirrors

A hotel’s overall interior design is an important part of brand-building in the hospitality sector. To create a striking, unique, functional space, consider adding ceiling mirrors to the lobby. Here are the top six reasons this interior design tip works:

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Why Does Hotel Interior Design Matter?

antique mirrors

The interior design for a hotel is a big investment. The size of the financial ask might leave some hoteliers asking this question: Does hotel interior design matter? Short answer, yes. Long answer, there are thirteen key ways a hotel’s interior design positively affects its performance, reputation, and profits. Learn about them here:

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Custom Antique Mirror or Ready to Order? A Glass Manufacturing Expert Weighs In

custom antique mirrors

5 Ways Antique Mirrors Improve Design in a Commercial Space

Antique mirrors are a great way to enhance light, add visual interest, and make any space feel larger. When it comes to purchasing, though, should you go with the custom or ready-to-order option? Tim Casey, founder, and owner of Jockimo, is an expert glass manufacturer specializing in architectural glass products. He breaks down the pros and cons of both types of antique mirrors.

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Should I Choose a Glass Top Vanity Unit for My Bathroom?

glass vanity

4 Advantages of a Glass Top Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodels are notoriously difficult. You have to decide on lighting fixtures. Tiling. Color schemes. Then there’s the vanity. You want something beautiful and timeless, but you also want something that makes a statement on its own. With just about every bathroom remodel today looking like a variation on the same theme, you might be wondering if a statement piece like a glass vanity top is a good fit for your space. Here are four reasons the answer might be a resounding “yes.”

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What Are Operable Glass Flooring Panels?

glass flooring for wine cellars

Glass flooring can make a dramatic difference to your home’s overall look and feel. Operable glass flooring panels can make that dramatic feature even more functional, versatile, customized, and useful. So, exactly what is an operable glass panel?

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Are Glass Countertops Durable?

durable glass countertops

What Makes Glass Countertops Durable?

If you’re seeking out unique kitchen countertop ideas, you might have come across glass counters. For those who want something a little different in their kitchens than the standard granite or quartz, glass can be a beautiful, bold alternative. The material, however, leaves some homeowners wondering: Are glass countertops durable?

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Why Should I Install a Blue Glass Countertop in My Kitchen?

blue glass counter top

4 Reasons to Opt for Blue Glass Kitchen Countertops

Picking the countertop material for your kitchen can be challenging. You need something functional, beautiful, and unique enough that it speaks to your tastes. Looking for that perfect mix of a bold design statement and everyday durability? Here’s why a blue glass countertop could be exactly what your kitchen needs:

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What You Need to Know about Tempered Glass

tempered glass

Tempered. Laminated. Annealed. When it comes to adding glass into your building design, the terminology can quickly get overwhelming. There are key differences between each of these types of glass, though, and it’s critical to use the appropriate one in your project. With that in mind, here are the most important things to know about tempered glass.

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Are Glass Counters Right for Your Kitchen Remodel?

glass countertops

Considering Glass Counters? 4 Questions to Ask

Updating your kitchen countertops is an effective way to breathe new life into your design scheme, but there are so many potential countertop materials. Natural and engineered stone. Laminate. Solid-surface materials. Wood. The list goes on. Here are some key questions to determine if glass counters are a good fit for you:

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Glass Flooring for Home: Is It Right for You?

walkable skylight

4 Questions to Ask before Opting for a Glass Floor in Your Home

The appeal and allure of glass flooring in a residential space is hard to deny. It’s beautiful. It’s modern. It’s functionally innovative. If you’re undertaking a new build or you’re looking to renovate, you might be wondering if glass flooring is right for you. Here are some considerations to help you answer that question.


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Walkable Skylights versus Traditional Skylights: A Comparison

walkable skylight

3 Key Ways Walkable Skylights Differ from Traditional Skylights

If you’re balking at the idea of installing a skylight in your home or business, it’s important to know there are different types of skylights available in the market today. Depending on the type of skylight you want, some of your reservations might be unfounded. Discover several critical differences between traditional skylights and walkable skylights, and learn whether a walkable skylight is actually a great fit for you.

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What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for a Walkable Skylight?

exterior glass floors

Walkable skylights are wonderful additions to any commercial or residential space. As with any architectural feature, however, many people are curious whether installing one is a smart financial choice. Here’s what you need to know about factors that affect the return on investment for a walkable skylight.

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Why Businesses Should Install a Walkable Skylight

daylighting with architectural glass

Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a retail space, something in the hospitality sector, or any other business venture, a walkable skylight can offer many benefits to your commercial building. Here are the top advantages offered by this architectural glass feature.

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How to Design a Custom Walkable Skylight

glass bridge

4 Design Considerations for Walkable Skylights

If you’re remodeling your home or renovating a business, it’s worth considering the aesthetic, financial, and functional benefits of a custom walkable skylight. How do you go about designing this into your home or commercial space, though? Here are some design tips for successfully creating this architectural glass feature.

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How to Maximize Your Daylighting Efforts

glare daylighting

5 Often-Overlooked Considerations for Daylighting in Commercial Buildings

Daylighting can be a tremendously beneficial addition to any commercial building. From reduced energy bills to increased worker productivity, daylighting provides a host of advantages. (See what the US Department of Energy has to say about daylighting.) When incorporating daylighting into the design of a building, however, these five key considerations must be kept in mind.

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How Daylighting Can Save You Money


Financial Advantages of Daylighting for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Daylighting is the process of allowing natural light into a commercial or residential building in a strategic, controlled manner.  (See here for a full definition of daylighting.) Among its many benefits, daylighting can have a concrete effect on how much you spend each month on energy bills.

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Optimize Daylighting with Mirrors

advantages of daylighting

How Interior Design Can Maximize the Benefits of Natural Light

Mirrors do more than just add visual beauty and decorative interest to a home or commercial space. They can also help you capitalize on the various benefits of daylighting. (What’s daylighting? Find out more here.) Here are some key things to know about interior design tactics, optimizing daylight, and the role mirrors can play in it all:

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What Is Daylighting?

glass floors for daylighting

Enjoy the Benefits of Daylighting with Architectural Glass

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking into a residential or commercial building. A bright, airy, open space filled with natural light is always more inviting and beautiful than a dark area or one illuminated with harsh artificial lights. Daylighting offers these advantages. Discover what this technique is and how you can best harness the wide-ranging benefits of daylighting in your private home or commercial building.

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All about MirrorHues™ Colored Mirror Glass

blue grey mirror

Discover the Reflective Colors Available with These Modern Mirrors

In commercial venues today, interior design plays an essential role in the overall feel of a space. Whether you’re trying to create a fun or calming atmosphere, your interior design choices (color, texture, pattern, materials, and more) can help you achieve your desired look. Colored mirror glass is one striking way to add beauty and a splash of visual interest to any space (commercial or residential). Learn more about MirrorHues™ colored mirror glass here:

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Liquid Lava™ FAQs

liquid lava

Answers to Top Questions about Jockimo’s Interactive Flooring Lava Tiles

Interested in learning more about Jockimo Liquid Lava™? The exciting, swirling, interactive tiles can be used in a variety of settings and applications. Here we offer answers to the most common and pressing questions we get about these lava tiles.

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Biggest Benefits of Outdoor Glass Countertops

outdoor glass countertop

7 Advantages to Using Glass Counters in Your Exterior Living Space

Whether you’re a private homeowner or you’re in charge of a commercial space, glass countertops are a viable and unique option for any outdoor living space. Discover the array of functional and aesthetic advantages you can enjoy with glass countertops or bar tops:

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Museums, Reveal What’s Below the Surface with Glass Flooring

glass for museums

How Museums Can Create a More Impactful, Interactive Design

Museums offer so much in the way of cultural and historical significance. If a museum has something subterranean to feature—think historical foundations, infrastructure, or ruins—a glass floor can be a sophisticated and effective way to showcase that element. With that in mind, here are four key reasons museums should consider glass floors.

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Top Glass Products from Jockimo Decorative Architectural Glass

9 Most Popular Glass Products from This Custom Glass Manufacturer

Are you interested in designing with glass during your next build or remodel? Discover some of the most popular products within the portfolio of Jockimo Inc., a decorative architectural glass manufacturer based in Aliso Viejo, California, but serving a global clientele.

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How to Clean Glass Floors, Counters, and Vanities

clean architectural glass features

Tips for Maintaining Your Architectural Glass Feature

If you’re thinking about incorporating glass into your flooring, counters, or vanities, you might be wondering how to clean and to maintain it. Whether you’re a private homeowner or you operate a commercial space, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about architectural glass and maintenance:

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All about ThickGlass™ Glass Countertops, by Jockimo Glass Company

thick glass

11 Texture and Pattern Options for Your Glass Countertops

Whether you’re renovating the interior or exterior of a space, designing with glass elevates your look on two levels. One, glass has an inherent beauty and sophistication. (This makes it a common candidate for architectural building materials.) Two, glass lends itself to textures, patterns, and designs. This brings additional design interest into an already-striking material.

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What Is JGlass™ Anti-Scratch Glass?

glass countertops durable

10 Benefits of Jockimo’s Scratch-Resistant Glass

Designing with glass gives your space a timeless, sleek, clean look. The last thing you want is to mar that seamless aesthetic with scratches. Discover all about Jockimo’s anti-scratch glass surface, JGlass™.

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3 Considerations When Buying an Antique Mirror for Your Business

antique mirrors for retail space

Businesses and Commercial Spaces: Think about This before Buying Antique Mirrors

If you’re looking to create an interesting new design scheme for your commercial space, you might be considering the addition of an antique mirror. If that’s the case, here are the top three things to keep in mind when starting your antique mirror search:

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5 Ways Antique Mirrors Improve Design in a Commercial Space

antique mirrors

How a Custom Antique Mirror Can Transform the Look of Your Business

Maybe you’re looking to overhaul the design of your commercial space. Maybe it’s just time to update the aesthetics. Whatever the intent of your commercial rework, consider the benefits of incorporating antique mirrors into your design efforts. Here are the top five ways an antique mirror can effortlessly elevate your interior design:

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What Is Architectural Glass?

Everything You Need to Know about Architectural Glass

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate a private residence or you’re in charge of the building or remodel of a commercial property, incorporating architectural glass is a great way to lend any space a modern, sleek, upscale feel. What exactly is architectural glass, though, and what are some key considerations when looking to add it to any given building?

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Explore the 701 Whaley Renovation

glass flooring for historic renovations

How Jockimo’s Glass Work Helped Transform This Columbia, South Carolina, Building

As a glass manufacturer, we’ve worked on a number of interesting jobs. From the observation deck of Freedom Tower to Google headquarters, we’ve had the privilege of completing many unique commercial projects. We’ve always had a special place in our hearts, though, for historical buildings. These spaces are often culturally or historically significant buildings worth preserving, and we’re proud to lend our glass manufacturing expertise and experience to bringing these spaces back to their former glory—or better.

To that end, here’s a look at one of our recent projects, 701 Whaley in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Need Historical Glass Replacement?

3 Things to Ask a Potential Glass Manufacturer for Your Historic Renovation

Do you have a project that requires the replacement of historical glass? Given the potential historical, cultural, or personal significance of the materials in these kinds of projects, it’s especially important to find a glass manufacturer who can complete the project with skill, expertise, and a respect for the source material. Not sure how to determine this? Here are three pivotal questions to ask before agreeing to work with any glass manufacturing company.

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Why Architectural Glass Floors Are Ideal for Museums

aspen art museum glass floors

4 Reasons Museums Should Consider Glass Flooring

Museums are important buildings. They provide people of all ages with spaces to explore, learn, and appreciate cultural or historic milestones and artifacts of lasting value and significance. Given how important the items inside these buildings are, it stands to reason the buildings themselves should be equally interesting, engaging, and beautiful. Here are four key reasons new museums or museums about to undergo renovations should consider incorporating architectural glass flooring.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Glass Manufacturer

Choose the Right Glass Manufacturer

Dichro Sculpture

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

How Picking the Wrong Glass Company Can Cost You in the Long Run

Search for “glass manufacturer,” and Google will spit back over 2.5 billion results. That alone should let you know it can be difficult to narrow down the glass company that’s right for your project. Here are five tips, though, to put you on the right track:

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Incorporating Natural Light into Your Design

How Glass in Architectural Design Boosts Health & Reduces Energy Usage

Private Residence FL 12

Glass floors. Glass stair treads. Walkable skylights. Whatever option you choose, incorporating glass into your architectural design allows light to penetrate multiple levels of a space. (This is known as “daylighting,” and it provides a number of benefits.) Whether you’re a private homeowner looking to enjoy these advantages yourself or you’re creating a commercial space where patrons and employees can all benefit, learn more about all the ways natural light improves any given space.

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Benefits of MirrorUnique™ Antique Mirrors

7 Reasons Businesses Should Create Custom Antique Mirrors with Jockimo Decorative Architectural Glass

Antique Mirrors HR greenroom cropped

Antique mirrors lend any commercial business a beautiful, unique, and distinguished look. Whatever your aesthetic preference, these are highly customizable products that can be tailored to your needs and specifications. Every glass manufacturer is different, but when you work with Jockimo to create a custom project within the MirrorUnique line, here are seven benefits you can expect:

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7 Reasons to Install a See-Through Floor

glass floor for your home

Benefits of Adding a See-Through Glass Floor to a Home

Are you looking for a dramatic but sophisticated update to your interior or exterior living space? See-through glass flooring could be the aesthetic and functional answer you need. Here are seven compelling reasons to consider the addition of architectural glass into your home’s redesign plans.

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Antique Mirror FAQs

thick glass counter tops

Common Questions about Our Line of Distressed Glass

Do you love the look of antique mirrors? Are you interested in learning more about these unique elements of interior design? To help, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about our line of antique mirrors, MirrorUnique™.

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All about MirrorUnique™ Antique Mirrors

antique mirrors

How Jockimo Mirrors Blend Antique Methods and Modern Technology

Adding an antique mirror to your private residence or place of business offers a variety of benefits. Mirrors, in general, help increase the lighting within a given area and create the illusion of more space. Using an antique mirror specifically gives you the added benefits of a stately, distinguished aesthetic; visual interest; and artistry. If antique mirrors are something you’d like to incorporate into your commercial space or private residence, learn all about Jockimo’s MirrorUnique™ antique mirrors.

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7 Things to Look for in a Glass Manufacturer

Tim Casey, Jockimo

Why Choosing the Right Glass Manufacturer Matters

Choosing the right glass manufacturer for your next architectural glass project can seem overwhelming. With many custom glass manufacturing companies to choose from, how do you know which one is going to best meet your needs? As a starting point, look for these seven characteristics:

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5 Reasons to Install a Walkable Skylight

5 Advantages of Walkable Skylights

From Daylighting to Aesthetics, Walkable Skylights Provide These Advantages

From renovations of private residences to new commercial builds, the incorporation of walkable skylights provides a laundry list of benefits. Here’s what walkable skylights are, as well as five compelling reasons to add them in your next remodel or new build.

Private Residence NY 0760 walkable skylight

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What Is Antislip Glass?

Bass Pro Shop HQ Glass Stair Treads

The 4 Types of Jockimo Slip-Resistant Glass

Thinking about incorporating glass into your flooring, stair treads, or walkable skylights? Whether you’re a private homeowner or in the commercial sector, here's a breakdown of what antislip glass is, as well as your antislip glass options when you work with Jockimo glass manufacturer.

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All about Glass Trade Show Floors

What Car Dealerships Need to Know about AutoFloorSystems™

AutoFloorSystems tradeshow flooring Jockimo Porsche

Is your auto dealership looking for a more polished, professional, sleek way to display your vehicles? First impressions and presentation matter, especially with big-ticket items like cars. If you’re not entirely pleased with your current showroom display systems, learn all about one alternative, AutoFloorSystems™.

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Delta Airlines JFK

Delta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New YorkDelta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New York

We recently completed and shipped a custom glass flooring product for the new Delta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New York. This is a very exciting project for us because of the visibility involved in a prestigious project such as JFK, but also due to the fact that we approached this project in a green manner.

We shipped the glass from CA to NY via rail instead of standard over the road trucks. In doing so we saved TONS of C02 carbon dioxide omissions.

Here are the details: If we had shipped via LTL truck over the road it would have used up 10.48 tons of CO2. Since we moved via rail we used only 2.35 tons saving 8.12 tons of CO2!

Installation photos of this exciting new project will follow on shortly.

Jockimo and MLB Fan Cave


NEW YORK, NY - MAY 24: Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation dances on a Jockimo Liquid Lava™ floor tile during Offerman's tour with Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez at the MLB Fan Cave Thursday, May 24, 2012. Visit the MLB Fan Cave located at Broadway and 4th Street in New York City to see our Liquid Lava™ panels in action. (Photo by Paige Calamari/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Alaska DichroGlass™ sculpture

alaska-jockimo-dichroglass-We are proud to announce the completion of the Studio Osman Akan new sculpture, "Fragmenta". Located in Anchorage, Alaska the sculpture includes 300 panels of our DichroGlass™. The panels are 24” x 24” and are laminated with polished edges.  We drilled a 1-1/2” diameter hole in center of each panel to accommodate mounting hardware.

Please see Studio Osman Akan's blog here.

© 2012 by Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Liquid Lava™ Custom Shapes and Sizes

Liquid Lava™ liquid-filled products.


We are proud to announce our ability to provide custom shapes with our Liquid Lava™ liquid-filled products. The addition of new machinery allows us to provide shapes and sizes that "competitors" cannot and frankly have yet to think of. The attached image is a candy shape that we are currently producing for a high-end candy store located in Corona Del Mar, CA that we just received an order on. As soon as the tiles are installed we will post installation photos for all to see.

Featured on ABC Extreme Home Makeover, HGTV'd and Fine Living TV, Liquid Lava™ products are exciting modular panels consisting of liquid sealed within the tiles. The tiles are resilient, and when pressure is applied, the liquid within the tiles literally swirls around one's feet.

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So you want a glass floor?

5 Myths About Glass Flooring

Glass flooring is beautiful, durable, and makes a statement wherever it is installed. It comes in a variety of colors and textures and is exceedingly versatile. At Jockimo Architectural Glass Products, we manufacture our decorative architectural glass to the highest standards and strive for the best when it comes to beauty, durability, and safety.

But some people have misconceptions about using glass flooring in their latest project. Let's look at some of the most common myths and explain why they're wrong.

Myth #1: Glass Flooring is Slippery

When it comes to glass, most people think of the smooth surface of a window pane or a wine glass. And that glass is indeed slippery, but those items are made to be slippery for easier manufacturing and aesthetics. Without a smooth surface, it is harder to see out of a window, and most people enjoy the smooth feel of wine glasses. But when you are using glass as a flooring option, you want there to be enough texture so people won't slip.

Glass flooring is created with anti-slip properties to ensure the safety of those walking across it. At Jockimo, we've designed our glass flooring to have the highest anti-slip rating in the world, so you can rest assured that the floor you walk on is safe, even when wet. In fact, our anti-slip glass flooring has been used in businesses, airports, government buildings, and even outside high-traffic areas.

Myth #2: Glass Flooring isn't Strong Enough to Walk on

Glass flooring is remarkably strong and is designed to carry loads such as people standing and walking across it. To ensure that the glass can hold weight, we've designed each glass panel to be three-ply, that is, three panes of glass pressed together. Not only does that make the panel stronger, but if one pane somehow breaks, the other two panes will hold the load without a problem. This triple redundancy prevents the flooring from breaking and provides the highest possible safety.

What's more, most glass flooring is made from glass that's usually an inch and a quarter thick. International building codes and ASTM glass flooring standards require glass floors to be a certain thickness for safety.

#3 Glass Floors are Fragile and Unable to Handle Daily Wear Like Other Flooring

When it comes to weight and daily wear, it’s important to remember that glass floors are designed for precisely this application. Glass is incredibly strong and resilient, and quite capable of holding heavy loads.

Glass can break due to blunt trauma caused by a high impact with a narrow object. But should that happen, our glass flooring is designed for safety and has security measures built-in, so you never have to worry that the floor won't hold the weight.

As long as the buyer chooses professionals with glass expertise to design, engineer, and manufacture your project, your glass flooring will be just as strong--if not stronger than--a floor supported by traditional wood joists.

glass flooring from Jockimo

#4 Glass Flooring Isn't Weather Resistant and Can't Be Used Outside

When designed and built with the proper safety features, glass flooring can be used in exterior projects as well as interior ones. Just make sure that the designers understand what thickness, support, and safety features are needed to ensure your beautiful glass flooring will last a long time. Those safety features should include anti-slip properties and fail-safes such as triple-ply glass, so the flooring is as safe, or even safer than other types of flooring. Glass flooring can beautify your outdoor project, whether it's a walkway, a balcony, a deck, or anything else you care to imagine. Glass flooring can be incredibly strong and will look beautiful year after year, even outside.

#5 Glass Floors Are All the Same

No glass flooring project is the same, and therefore no two glass floors are exactly alike. When it comes to manufacturing a glass floor, the designer must take into consideration the following requirements:

  • Size and shape
  • Usage (high traffic or low?)
  • Weight-bearing requirements
  • Exposure to UV and sunlight
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Anti-slip requirements
  • Overall aesthetics
  • Glass thickness
  • Color of glass
  • Patterns

As you can see, glass flooring must be custom-tailored to each project and designed specifically for that project. That's why it is so important to find a designer that specializes in working with glass flooring. Otherwise, you may have design and safety issues you might not expect.

When you’re ready to begin your next glass flooring project, contact us at Jockimo Inc. today!   Learn more about our NEW Jockimo True Colors colored glass.  We can help you design, develop, and manufacture your glass flooring to bring out the beauty of your project.