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4 Reasons to Opt for Blue Glass Kitchen Countertops

Picking the countertop material for your kitchen can be challenging. You need something functional, beautiful, and unique enough that it speaks to your tastes. Looking for that perfect mix of a bold design statement and everyday durability? Here’s why a blue glass countertop could be exactly what your kitchen needs:

Why Blue Glass Countertops Could Be Right for Your Kitchen

ThickGlass TRUE colors Blue Glass Countertop

1. A Blue Kitchen Counter Pairs Well with Neutral Tones

Blue works particularly well in a kitchen. It lends the space a crisp, clean look. Whether you’re opting for a deep royal blue or a light aqua, anything in the blue family tends to complement neutral tones well.

White, off-white, and gray are all hugely popular choices in kitchens right now, and they all work beautifully with blue.

This color combination gives you a great mix of clean neutrality and visual interest.

2. Blue Countertops Make a Statement…Without Being Overpowering

Blue is a bold color choice, so it’s important to balance it with a more neutral palette. If you go with a blue countertop, make sure blue isn’t dominating the rest of the kitchen as well. Cabinetry, wall paint, and ceiling color should all skew to bright, inviting neutrals.

Especially if your glass countertops are a rich, dark blue, it’s important to design with those pops of bright, light color in mind. This will keep the space from feeling too dark or intense. The most inviting kitchens are those that feel open, airy, and bright, and overly dark design choices can undermine that.

Want more ideas about kitchen colors? Check out these best paint colors for kitchens.

3. Blue Glass Countertops: Kitchen Customization Matters

Thick Glass Countertops Blue Counters

A blue counter top done in glass is the ideal choice for anyone who prizes customization in the kitchen. Glass is a highly customizable material. (This is one major factor to consider when deciding whether a glass counter kitchen remodel is right for you.)

With this material, you get to dictate nearly every design aspect of that glass countertop:

This helps ensure the end result is a unique countertop, and you’re not left worrying about having the same stock counters as everyone else.

Choosing blue as your countertop color is another way to make your kitchen stand out. This is not a color that currently dominates the kitchen counter industry, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a look-alike of your kitchen in every magazine, new real estate listing, or friend’s house.

4. Blue Glass Countertops Are Durable Enough to Withstand Everyday Use

True Colors Dark Blue Glass Countertops

Unless you’re an order-in-every-night kind of person, your kitchen countertops will be put to the test. Glass is up to the job. Some of the benefits of glass countertops include the following:

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Incredible resistance to heat, staining, scratching, and impact
  • Nonporous material (no chance for mold, mildew, or bacteria to accumulate)

When you create a blue countertop, make sure to ask the glass manufacturer what the process is for achieving that color. (Is it painted? Does the process involve colored film? Is the color achieved through lighting?) Verify that the hue will not fade, distort with UV exposures, flake over time, or otherwise deteriorate.

When dealing with architectural glass, the best-case scenario in terms of a color’s longevity and durability is for the color to actually be infused into the glass itself. This technique can be seen with TRUE Colors decorative glass.

Ready to Take the Next Step with Your Blue Glass Countertop?

Are you interested in learning more about adding unique blue glass countertops to your kitchen? Contact us today for any questions or to get an estimate on your project.

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