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Is Glass Flooring Heavy?

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Everything You Need to Know about Glass Flooring and Weight

Glass flooring is not the most common type of flooring. This leaves many homeowners and architects with questions about it. Is it safe? Is it slippery? Does it scratch? (Interested in these answers? Check out our breakdown of glass flooring FAQs.) One of the most common questions relates to the weight of glass flooring. So, is glass flooring heavy? Yes…but there’s a lot more to the answer than that.

How Much Do Glass Flooring Panels Weigh?

If you get your glass flooring from Jockimo, our standard glass flooring panel will be made up of three layers of 3/8” glass. This puts the weight of our glass flooring at approximately seventeen pounds per square foot.

Why the three-ply glass system?

This design is a safety measure and failure redundancy. Even if one panel of glass were to break or to shatter, the entire flooring structure and individual panel would still be structurally sound.

Every Glass Floor Needs an Engineer’s Input

engineer working on glass flooring

For glass flooring to be properly designed, an engineer with specific experience in architectural glass products needs to be involved.

An engineer’s calculations and input are necessary for safely:

  • Creating the glass floor’s support system.
  • Determining how much weight each individual piece of glass can hold.
  • Crafting a floor design within maximum glass panel dimensions.
  • Determining feasible shapes within individual glass flooring panels.

Glass Flooring and Support System Installation Matters

Glass is a heavy material. It needs a properly designed and engineered support system to create a safe floor that complies with all applicable building codes, as well as national and international building regulations.

Once both the floor and the support system are designed and manufactured properly, you will then need professional contractors to properly install the flooring.

Unlike with some other flooring options, a glass floor is not recommended as a do-it-yourself installation.

If Glass Flooring Is This Heavy, Is It Safe?

Engineer Working on Glass Flooring Calculations

Even with the individual glass flooring panels being so heavy, this kind of flooring is fully safe. (This is assuming, of course, your glass flooring is engineered, manufactured, and installed properly.)

This does require working with reputable engineers, manufacturers, and installers. Remember, the quality of your floor will only be as good as the quality of the team that crafts it.

Not sure where to even start when vetting this team? Check out seven key characteristics to look for in your glass manufacturer.

Do You Have Any Additional Questions about Glass Floors?

Are you a homeowner interested in adding glass flooring to your private residence? What about an architect looking to incorporate this into your next commercial project?

If you have any questions at all about glass flooring or want an estimate for your upcoming project, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re Jockimo, a manufacturer of high-end custom architectural glass products, including flooring, mirrors, and countertops. We’re always happy to answer your glass-related questions!

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