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Does Glass Flooring Scratch?

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How to Use Your Glass Floors…Without Stressing About Scratches

Whether you’re adding an interior or exterior glass floor, people always wonder the same thing. Do glass floors scratch? Will I be able to enjoy my glass floors normally, or will I need to kick off my shoes every time I want to walk across them? If you’re thinking about adding glass floors but are concerned about scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections, here’s what you need to know.

Do glass floors scratch?

While all kinds of glass flooring have the possibility of being scratched if they are exposed to something hard and sharp, glass floors that have not been treated with anti-scratch glass surface are much more likely to be damaged and scratched more quickly. Glass flooring systems created and installed by the Jockimo team are scratch resistant, impact resistant, ADA compliant, and energy efficient to help ease your worries about the common problems associated with glass floor tiles produced by other suppliers.

Treated Glass Flooring vs Untreated Glass Flooring

Jockimo Glass Flooring in a Residential House

Glass is a relatively hard substance already. It comes in around a 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. That natural hardness in the material means even untreated glass won’t scratch at the slightest pressure.

Under the right circumstances, however, untreated glass can certainly scratch. If you want extra assurances that your glass flooring will be free of scratches, scuffs, and gouges, talk to your glass manufacturer about adding an anti-scratch coating.

If your glass flooring uses fully transparent glass, scratches, and other aesthetic imperfections become very obvious. These scratches do not affect the functionality or safety of the floor, but they are unsightly.

Benefits of Using an Anti-Scratch Glass Treatment

anti scratch glass treatment

If you’ve been shopping around, you know glass flooring is not the least expensive flooring option. If you do decide to invest in it, the last thing you’d want is to shoulder the cost of panel replacement just because of some avoidable scratches.

Preventing scratches is actually only one of the benefits of anti-scratch glass. You also get glass that’s:

  • Water repellant
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to clean
  • Less likely to develop mold or bacteria
  • More resistant to stains, impact, and hard water etching

Who needs anti-scratch Glass for their flooring?

Anyone investing in a glass floor would benefit from an anti-scratch coating. It will help the flooring look pristine for years after installation.

You'll worry less about:

  • Taking your shoes off before walking on it
  • Moving furniture, grills, or other materials across it
  • Protecting outdoor glass flooring from small flying debris

You can simply use the floor with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors are scratch and impact resistant.

While this is beneficial for anyone, it’s particularly important to use an anti-scratch glass treatment in commercial or high-traffic areas. Even with a lot of consistent use, this will help prevent the floor from sustaining damage from everyday wear and tear.

JGlass™: Not All Anti-Scratch Glass Surfaces Are Created Equal

Glass Flooring from Jockimo Seen from Above in a Residential Home in Aspen

When choosing a scratch-resistant glass surface, talk to your specific glass manufacturer about their solution. Not every anti-scratch treatment is guaranteed to be as effective or beneficial.

If you work with us at Jockimo, you’ll receive JGlass™. It’s our proprietary scratch-resistant glass coating. It can be applied to any Jockimo glass product, including our flooring.

Still Have Questions About Glass Floors and Scratching?

Glass flooring is a rare design choice that offers both amazing functionality and incredible aesthetics. If you have any questions or concerns about scratching and your glass floor, reach out today.

We’re Jockimo, a manufacturer of custom architectural glass products, and we’re always happy to answer your glass-related questions!

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