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How Interior Design Can Maximize the Benefits of Natural Light

Mirrors do more than just add visual beauty and decorative interest to a home or commercial space. They can also help you capitalize on the various benefits of daylighting. (What’s daylighting? Find out more here.) Here are some key things to know about interior design tactics, optimizing daylight, and the role mirrors can play in it all:

Who Can Benefit from Optimal Daylighting?

Advantages of Daylighting

First things first. The great news is that the benefits of daylighting can be realized in just about any building. Whether you’re looking to optimize a private residence or a commercial space, mirrors can be used to amplify the positive effects of daylighting.

In the commercial sector, this can include any of the following:

  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Retail establishments
  • Business offices
  • Many more

4 Tactics for Optimizing Daylight with Mirrors

Daylighting with Architectural Glass

1. Think about where light naturally strikes.

You want to strategically place mirrors where daylight is going to naturally enter the home. Think about where light is going to hit not only throughout the day but throughout the year as well. Depending on when and where you want to amplify daylight, you can position your mirrors for the most pronounced effect.

2. Install mirrors at an angle.

If it’s possible with the mirrors you select, tilt them in order to strategically direct light where it’s most needed. (Need more information about installing a mirror at an angle? Check out several popular options.)

3. Use multiple mirrors.

Don’t limit yourself to a single mirror in your interior design scheme. When placed strategically, multiple mirrors can work together to bounce light and to enhance that light reflection throughout the space.

4. Know your mirror options.

Not all mirrors are 100 percent reflective surfaces. You can opt for colored mirror glass, etched glass, or any other number of glass variations. Pick and choose your mirror types based on the results you want. A colored mirror, for example, is going to diffuse light and produce a much softer, gentler appearance.

You also don’t have to limit your thinking to framed mirrors. Any reflective surface will enhance the natural light that filters into a room. This includes features like mirrored walls, ceilings, cladding, or furniture.

Need some inspiration? Check out our selection of framed antique mirrors, as well as unframed mirror installations.

Why Optimize Natural Light in a Space?

Benefits of Daylighting

Optimizing daylight within a building provides numerous benefits, including the following:

  • It’s an easy, effective way to reduce your dependence on artificial lights. This reduces your energy consumption, lowers your utility bills, and saves you money. (It’s also better for the planet.)
  • For offices, it can improve moods, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. While it’s not practical for everyone to sit right next to a window, with some clever interior design, mirror placement, and investment in daylighting efforts, everyone can still get all the benefits of natural light.
  • It makes a space appear bigger and brighter. This helps create a more attractive, welcoming, inviting feel.

Love the look of antique mirrors? Want to incorporate them into your interior design plans? Good news! Enhancing natural light is just one benefit they offer. Check out more benefits here.

Have any questions? Ready to create a custom mirror installation for your space? Contact us today to get started!